There are over 100 styles of chiropractic care applied to alleviate musculoskeletal pain and many other symptoms.  The causes of these painful or uncomfortable conditions are varied but the most common structural culprit is poor body mechanics leading to misalignment.  

I synthesize many chiropractic approaches along with other healing techniques to determine the treatment styles that will work best for each person that seeks my care.  Each session will be tailored for your unique needs - to relieve your symptoms and to correct the underlying causes of your discomfort. Restoring or developing optimal wellbeing may include a home program so that we can work together for you to achieve a greater sense of health.  I will be able to offer recommendations and guidance for you to integrate mind and body supports (such as breath/meditation techniques, stretches, etc.) to incorporate at home and elsewhere if you have the interest and time. 

You can call me to book an appointment. Please leave your name and number if I am unable to answer your call.


Susan L. Epstein, D.C.

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